Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I want to give this to you

cup this in your hand boy
hold it tight
I want you to keep this
this is my truth
for you

despite all the tears
despite all the
despite how everyone
wants to change you
to take you, the little mute boy
and mold you, into the 'normal' boy
just remember this
despite it all
this song is my truth for you

I hope you know that God and nature made you perfect
I hope you know that God and nature made you good enough
I hope you know your daddy (& mommy) loves you
I hope you know that God and nature made you a bright shining star

(lyrics to 'Vanessa' by Fifteen)
thank you thank you Jeff Ott for giving this wonderful amazing truth full of beauty for anyone to hold on to.


Liam taught himself to say "Happy" he has been running around the house repeating "haa-pee, hah-pee, haa-pee" When he says a word he repeats it over and over and over. I think he is trying to train his brain.. or keep himself from "forgetting" how to say that word. With his disorder.. he might say a word once, or a few times, and then not be able to. Or he might say a word and then you ask him to say it again, he tries, but he can't. He moves his mouth all around, makes painful looking faces but can't get it out. He has busted out with entire sentences before. When he was 3, he was watching Star Trek with his Dad, and one of the guys was about to hit one of the otherTrekie dudes.. and Liam busted out and said clear as day
"Oh no !!! Don't do that ! "

But, happy. I love that he wanted to say that word. Happy ! It's a good word to be saying.
I think maybe I am getting into a more positive place with Liam's difficulties.

Lately he has been exploding with new words. And he is able to "keep" them. He can say..

Hi, Mom, Hello, Dad, Me, I, Help...

And he can approximate even more.. Juice, Orange, Elliot, Kitty, Potty, Bye-Bye, Please, Eat... there are more.

And he is learning more signs each and every day. In American Sign Language he does over 500 signs now.