Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Liam the lil comedian..

Liam has been rapidly increasing his communication lately whether it be through sign, speech approximation or both. As he is able to communicate more he is showing me (and his teachers) a very comical side to himself. His teachers even say he is joking a lot at school with a friend named Jaheim. And on to the story..

We were in the bathroom, I was getting Liam washed up for school, when Liam says out of nowhere "Bu-tttt" and points to his rear. I said something like, "you're a silly" and then Liam said "Tee-Tees" and signed CAT, and then immediately followed with "Buh-Boh" and signed BUBBLE.

And I asked Liam, "Oh, are you trying to tell me that kitties have bubble butts?" Liam replies very enthusiastically (as he always when we really get it) "Nahh!" which in Liam's world means Yes. And we started laughing and Liam kept on saying over and over "Tee-Tees Buh-Boh BU-TTTT"

I don't know where he got the idea that kitties have bubble butts and it didn't connect into anything we were doing at the time. I will probably never know why Liam wanted to tell me that Kitties have bubble butts (or how he figures that) but I do know that according to Liam kitties as a matter of fact have bubble butts.