Saturday, August 11, 2007

babies babies babies

We are babysitting our friends' baby Cooper while his parents go out for an anniversary date.

Liam enjoys playing with the baby. He sat down on the floor with Cooper and pointed to his feet and said "feet' then to his knees and said "knees". He went on like this and said "shoulders, belly, ears, eyes, nose, head," If I didn't hear him or couldn't understand him he came over to me and whispered it in my ear. Made me melt.

Liam is hands down, the sweetest little boy in the whole world. He is so gentle, not only with babies, but with everyone, he is so loving, and gives hugs and kisses to almost everyone he meets.

Liam also signed to me.. asking MOM, BABY?
"Oh you want mommy to have a baby?" "YESH!" Liam exclaimed. "Maybe in a few more years, Liam."

Having kids is being introduced to love, a new amazing kind of love, for the first time.

So many of my friends are having babies now, first babies. I have been thinking so much of how much their lives will change, in all the bad ways, and not thinking much of how their lives will change, in all the good ways. Now I am being reminded. All the sleepless nights, not being able to just take a shower, having to get a babysitter to go out with your spouse, suffering through embarassing public fits...(just to name a few of the downsides) it is all worth it, times a million.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Some little things I want to remember..

This week as we were driving over to my friend Rachel's house to visit her new baby, Soren, Liam looked out over the edge of the Black River, through the trees on the street we live. He brought my attention to the setting sun. And signed SUN, GO HOME.
"Yes, Liam, the sun is going home." I said. Goodnight Sun, we said, me in my way, and Liam in his.

We got to Rachel and Soren's house. And oh yeah, Bert's house too. Well, we arrived at the family house and Liam just wanted to hold the baby first thing. And Rachel let him, just being Rachel, that's how she is. She's a good mom already I can see. Liam held the baby, and kissed his forehead. After a bit, Soren wanted Mom but Liam didn't want to give him up. He just wanted to hold that baby forever I think.

A while later we went outside. Liam begged to hold the baby again, so again he did. This time Soren didn't cry so Liam held him a good while. Liam gave Soren two soft kisses on his forehead. And one slobbery kiss on the forehead. Soren liked it though. I asked Liam, "What is this baby's name?" "Soren" he spoke. Rachel and I smiled.

Later on, in the house. Rachel commented to me. She said something like, 'It's amazing how creative he is with language. It is amazing how he uses the words he has to send his message, like how he said the sun is going home, instead of the sun is setting' We don't know the sign for setting, and he has never spoken the word 'setting'.

I agree with her. I want to remember everything he says. He is amazing.