Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And we're back!

I have been neglecting this blog. Guess life got in the way. Happy to report, extatic to report: that my baby boy SPEAKS! It's pretty awesome, redefines awesome, actually. Looking over this old blog and especially the video, WOW! I need some time to collect my thoughts on the matter. Life has changed for us quite a lot. I'll update more later, for all of you three people following this blog.

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CatherineCW said...

Hi. I think I came upon your blog while reading another friend's. You had some links I wanted to read.

Your blog touched me because of the miracles you find when your child does the ordinary making it extraordinary. Reading this made my heart spill out through my eyes. It's all a miracle isn't it. Even the struggles.

Medical research has come so much further from when my children were young. You are blessed with such a wonderful child and lucky for the progression made in education as well as technology.

I remember being ecstatic over my son being able to sign his own name. It took time before 2 of my children spoke. Anyway, armed with new insight, my questions for me on how do I help my adult children look as though I might be able to find more answers.