Thursday, July 12, 2007

everything is all fine !

All the tests came back normal - HOORAY ! So now we are finished with doctor's appointments for a good while. I get so warn out of it. Today I drove 3 hours (1.5 there and 1.5 hours back) and spent like 10 minutes or less with the Doc. He really rushed. I was a bit peeved. But oh well ! So now I am just supposed to take him to have allergies checked and that is it. Dentist too, I guess, but other than that we should be good for the next year ! The neurologist wants a follow up in a year but I don't think we will. He was awful today, so I will just have him only go to the developmental pediatrician, if he thinks he needs to go back to neurology then fine but I think the dev ped can mangage.


britmummybites said...

Let's out a deep sigh of relief. So glad for you but OMW having a 3 hr round trip to be treated like a bit of cattle not nice. Sometime docs need class 101 in kindness.

Annie D said...

I know.. the doc sucked. but I guess it's ok because if the EEG is normal he doesn't need to see the neurologist. Though I will have him go next year, that is likely, but we will def be changing doctors to one that isn't so rushy rush rush. seems like most doctors are getting that way !