Tuesday, June 19, 2007

books books books

I haven't been online much. Which I find to be a good thing much of the time. I have been reading this book called "George & Sam" about the lives of a family with 2 autistic boys, George and Sam. They are raised by their single mother, and have a younger brother.. Jake, I think. I am about half way through.

Tomorrow is Liam's end of school party. They are going to do a concert. I wonder how that will go. They are going to sing some songs.. I am going to video record it. I am excited about it, I know Liam won't be singing along but I think the songs have motions that he will be doing. I bet it will be really cute. After this week Liam has off school for 2 weeks then he starts summer session. (Some kids with more severe disabilities qualify for year round schooling with the idea that if they miss out on therapy through the summer the regression will be quite significant) I am not sure how long summer session goes for but he will have another 2 week break at some point this summer before school starts again for the regular session kids in September.

On July 9th Liam moves up to the 4 year old classroom ! AND... drum roll.......... he gets his sign language interpreter !!! I AM SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED! He has thrived on the sign language I have been able to teach him, he is able to communicate complex things to me, like today he told me he wanted to invite our neighbors over to spend the night for a slumber party through communicating in sign language. Sign language has been such a wonderful amazing blessing for our family, I just love it. It is helping Liam to speak also.. some words that he can actually speak now while he signs it at the same time: Help, Elliot, Cookie, Milk, Juice, Orange.. there are more. But because apraxia is a problem in the brain with coordinating the muscles, I believe that when he signs it is involving other parts of the brain, so it is helping the brain to make that connection. His communication is far more advanced in signing, he can sign sentences and express abstract thoughts.. with speech he is just now beginning single words that are still difficult to understand (but the simultaneous sign makes it easier!). So anyway.. I am just beyond excited and hopeful that his communication is going to increase increase increase once he has a sign interpreter with him at school who can teach him more sign and he will be UNDERSTOOD by his peers and teachers at school ! HOORAY ..

Elliot (the younger son) is tugging at me to read him some books, so that must be it for now.


britmummybites said...

signing saved Vera's life. She hardly signs at home as she has learnt to talk ( although it's at a level of a child half her age) she does sign at school.

Scarlett said...

That's awesome that your son signs! I LOVE the deaf culture. It's amazing. My sister actually isn't deaf but she has downs syndrome and hearing problems so she communicates with signing mainly. She speaks on the rare occasion but we mainly just sign with her. She is 6 and seems to be thriving so much more at an oral deaf school than placing her in the special education in a normal school.

Annie D said...

that is neat that your sister signs too ! i have heard it is great for other people as well, besides deaf people. i love sign language ! and deaf culture !

we are considering sending my son to a deaf school also, in the future. it depends on how his speech progresses. he is only 4 now so time will tell..