Friday, June 22, 2007

Deaf Chat Coffee

We are getting ready to go to Deaf Chat Coffee tonight. Me and Liam will head out in a bit, while my hubby will stay home with Elliot. Deaf Chat Coffee is a group of people who get together at a coffee house/cafe and communicate in sign language. The people who come out are Deaf, hard of hearing, interpreters, ASL students, or children of any of the above. Then there is Liam, the mute who is learning sign language. Our local Deaf community has embraced Liam.. so I am glad for that. He has lots of adults who sign to look up to, and children friends that use sign now too. About 20-30 people show up every other Friday night. One of his friends there (his best friend there) is a little girl I'll call K. She is a year older than him. He is in love with her ! He calls K on his videophone and they chat it up in sign. It is magical to watch.


britmummybites said...

Did you have fun the other night? Liam and K reminds me off Vera and a boy in her class. She keeps coming home with pictures that he has drawn her.

Annie D said...

We did have fun ! We also went to K's birthday party this morning! Fun stuff !
We go to Deaf Chat every other week. There weren't too many kids there this week but Liam still had a fun time.