Saturday, June 23, 2007

new words

Over the next few weeks I want to count up how many words Liam is speaking. I will divide it up into two categories:
category 1: (words that others can understand when Liam speaks)
category 2: (words that others might not understand, but I understand when Liam speaks)

He has really started speaking more lately. With sign he can sign over 1000 signs now and simple sentences, like GO PLAYGROUND TUESDAY PLEASE ? or GO K'S HOUSE PLAY. With speech now he has just recently had a spurt in words. I have noticed him speaking more in the past few weeks than he had been speaking before.

category 1: no, yes, mom, dad, eat
category 2: cookie, bobby (his teacher), milk, play, Tuesday, Elliot

I will have to add more later.. I want to be accurate so I will write more as I hear throughout the day over the coming weeks.


britmummybites said...

Yippee, really does leave a warm feeling when i hear stories like yours.

Annie D said...

Thank you. smile.